Saturday, June 24, 2006

Featuring - Rona Ambrose

Rona Ambrose, Minister of the Environment, Wikipedia Entry

+ Rona is hands down the best looking minister in Stephen Harper's cabinet.

+ Rona was an excellent defender of the Conservative's choice in childcare policies before and after the election campaign.

+ With a Masters in Political Science, she's a self described policy wonk with the requisite depth to be an excellent cabinet minister.

+/- Rona voted to protect marriage in the last parliament, but supports same sex civil unions.

- As a self described libertarian, she may need the help of her constituents to understand the importance of social conservative positions on marriage, life and the family.

+ As Environment Minister, she has been honest with Canadians admitting that Canada cannot meat its commitments under the Kyoto Treaty.

Overall Score: +3

My advice to Rona Ambrose: 1) Continue to be honest with Canadians, setting realistic targets to curb greenhouse gases and protect the environment. 2) Do not be held hostage by the wing nuts within your ministry, you're in charge. 3) Take renewed confidence in the support you received from Stephen Harper by turning the NDP motion for your resignation into a matter of confidence.

Related Rant: The NDP motion to ask for Rona Ambrose's resignation is a complete joke. Canada has failed to meet its Kyoto commitments for two reasons. The previous government made irresponsible commitments and the previous government failed to take appropriate measures to meet those commitments. It may be true that Ms Ambrose has been tough with bureaucrats seeking to promote panic on the environment, but this is another one of her strengths.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should rescore her to a minus three. That "clean air" policy is nothing but hot air. Different clothes same politicians.