Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Already Equivocating

Sorry you can't read the entire column by Globe and Mail Columnist Lawrence Martin.

Mr. Martin believes that now that CSIS, the RCMP and other police have arrested 17 men and young men on charges of plotting terrorist attacks, (Excellent job by the way), our civil liberties will be at risk.

Mr. Martin concludes in fine equivocating form by saying, "The cure (to terrorism) can become worse than the disease itself."

I beg to differ, on one side we have men that want to indiscriminately kill civilians in peaceful Canada, this is the disease. On the other side we have law enforcement officials that seek to ensure these plans are not carried out, this is the cure.

The 'disease' is clearly terrible as many Middle Eastern civilians know first hand not to mention the citizens of New York, Madrid, London, and Beslan. Stricter law enforcement and use of existing anti-terrorism is hardly comparable; it's simply dishonest to try to equate an insane bloodlust and a very measured law enforcement response.

Lawrence, if you are truly concerned about civil liberties in Canada you should feel some comfort. By eliminating the long gun registry, our new government has already demonstrated its commitment to civil liberties, so the danger of encroachment on our civil liberties is clearly limited. The threat of terrorism is real.

Clearly terrorists have been organizing in Canada despite our so called role as an "honest broker." An aggressive response to terrorists in Canada is the only effective treatment for this disease, and it must continue to be exercised.

Again, my sincere appreciation to our law enforcement officials.


Anonymous said...


Hope all is well. Good to stumble across your blog. I will call you.


Patrick O'Neil said...


Good to hear from you. As you can see, I don't take advice all that well.

I'm looking forward to your call.