Thursday, May 11, 2006

March For Life

I was surprised to see some coverage (also here)of Today's March for life in the main stream media. Of course, the effort was to link the issue to the Conservatives to try to make them look reactionary. Of course the article called those who attended the pro-life demonstration "anti-abortion protestors." Still there's media coverage none the less.

My psychic powers are telling me that the next issue of the interim (Campaign Life Coalition's newsletter) will decry the lack of coverage and bias in the media. This is fair, a demonstration of this size for any other reason would certainly generate more media coverage. But prolife organizations could also do a better job, I was surprised that there was no press release listed on the CLC website. Remember journalists don't want to work any harder than they have to, a decent press release issued as soon as the main speeches ended would allow journalists to use positive material without having to think too hard.

Still, this is a good news story. Thousands of people took time to travel to Ottawa and stand up for life, and politicians and the media actually took note. Congratulations to all involved!

If anyone knows where to find pictures from today's event, please feel free to leave a link in the comments folder. Thanks!


SUZANNE said...

Well, I think your prediction was only half true. Today Lifesite said it was the best media coverage ever, although the CBC, the National Post and The Star didn't cover it.

Patrick O'Neil said...

I'm glad to be proven wrong. Prolifers need to focus on the positive.