Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good News for Responsible Gun Owners

Did I mention that I think Stockwell Day is a great politician and all around good guy? Oh yeah, I did. Stock reinforced my opinion yesterday with is announcement that the Conservatives will scrap the Federal gun registry and grant an amnesty for all long gun owners that haven't yet registered their non-restricted firearms. He also handled himself very well in his interview with Mike Duffy.

Scrapping the innefficient, invasive long gun registry while maintaining effective gun control measures is good news for responsible gun owners. Gun owners still have to complete a training course and get a license to purchase and use firearms. The vast majority of long guns are owned by hunters and farmers. Hunters are responsible sportsmen, and many farmers need rifles to protect livestock from predators.

I'm struck by the Liberals' continued arrogance even in opposition. Liberal Justice critic Irwin Cotler can't resist the temptation to hyperbole saying, "it's an abuse of process, it's an abuse of Parliament, and it's an abuse of the democratic process." Somehow the Liberals can't figure out that Canadians rejected their government. The Liberals stayed in power as long as they did because they were highly successful at demonizing their opponents, not because Canadians liked their government knows best policies.

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