Monday, March 14, 2011

Fare thee well Stockwell

I was shocked and disappointed by the news that Stockwell Day will not run in the next election. I've been a Stockaholic since he first entered federal politics - to be honest part of me was still hoping that somehow events would transpire to make him our Prime Minister. I wasn't alone in that thinking, just over two years ago in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix David Akin wrote an excellent account of Day's success in the Harper cabinet concluding:

His renewed political success even has some in his party quietly whispering that he ought to consider running for leader again when Harper decides to retire.
I enthusastically helped on Day's campaign for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance and for the newly formed Conservative Party. After all that he went through during a caucus revolt from many of his colleagues, I would have completely understood if he had retired back then. Instead he demonstrated his ability and his class by staying on and becoming one of this government's most effective cabinet ministers

Stockwell's class was on full display in his retirement statement:
And [Thanks] to Prime Minister Harper for allowing me the privilege to serve under his outstanding leadership. That leadership has led our nation through the most troubling economic times in over half a century.

His belief (and insistence within his caucus) that every MP must be allowed equal ground to speak up vigorously for their constituents is the foundation of decision making upon which we develop the policies for our nation.

I wish the Prime Minister full success in the days ahead in the efforts on behalf of all Canadians in maintaining a Canada that stands strong and free.
I will miss Stockwell's class, integrity and effectiveness dearly and I believe this is a huge loss to the Conservative Party and to Canada.

But our loss is his family's gain and I sincerely wish him a happy retirement.


Springer said...

Just watching the Canucks drill Minnesota.

The camera shifts to the stands, and there's Trevor Linden sitting between PM Harper and Stock Day.

How cool was that!!!

...kinda wish I could frame that one, ya think!!!

UsualSuspect said...

He'll be missed. Not only was he a great cabmin, he is just an all round decent guy.

I hope he comes back for round three because I would be in his corner in a heart-beat.

L said...

BC desperately needs a premier! Unfortunately, I doubt that he would do it.

Anonymous said...

A decent, sincere and capable man who is likely going onto something pretty good and different in his life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your service to all conservatives in Canada. (real conservatives)