Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Delivers Slap in the Face to Canada

I'm at a loss for words. Sometimes I may be a little unfair in my criticism of President Obama, but his proposed tax on Canadians entering the country is a slap in the face; a grevious insult; and a hypocritical assault on the relationship between our two countries.

Canadian politicians are trying to put the best face on the situation:
Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, however, suggested it's far too soon to get upset about the proposal.

"We're talking about the budget of 2012 and the 2011 budget hasn't even been passed yet," he said.

He added the prime minister and U.S. President Barack Obama appeared to be of the same mind when they met two weeks ago, that the global economic situation is fragile and that it's in the "best interest" of both countries to "find solutions that will increase the circulation of goods and people."
That's the issue. Two weeks ago Barack Obama spoke of strengthening the ties between our two countries. Now he is proposing to tax Canadian travellers to his country. This is not something that came from Congress. The duplicity comes straight from the President himself. This guy has absolutely no credibility.

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Anonymous said...

Is the White House trying to embarrass Ottawa just before a possible election campaign? (real conservative)