Monday, January 03, 2011

'Sky Cake' is More Profound than This Dude Thinks

Patton Oswalt is deliberately offensive in this video implying that anyone who takes their faith seriously might as well believe in 'sky cake.' His athiest fans love it and if you're not offended too easily it's kinda funny:

The interesting thing to me though is that it actually makes a pretty profound point. Right of the top he says, "if we didn’t have religion we wouldn’t be here by now . . . there’d be no civilization."

I don't think I could have said it much better. Maybe his athiest fans can take note the next time they try to remove any reference to God from the public sphere.


dollops said...

How ironic that a self-named atheist should make a profound point about religion and then, in his next breath, resort to the tired old fallacy that religions are the cause of wars. No post-old testament religion - not even Islam - preached war in its original, revealed, form. Among the many things that religions have in common is the idea that we humans are imperfect creatures, and (surprise, surprise) even capable of misusing religion. War-mongering Imams and s0d0mist priests are not practicing religion, rather they are expressing their base nature.

Alex said...

Thanks Religion for bringing us here. I would never try to get rid of religion even though I don't follow any of them. I would however request somebody figure out an anti go-to-heaven-free card for evil believers. If suicide bombers would go straight to hell if they were within sight of a cross or something then we should communicate that. Holy bullets that send evil believers straight to hell would also be useful, but of course it all lies in communication of that..."technology" or it doesn't work at all.