Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Disastrous Arrogance

Barack Obama's disastrous arrogance apparently knows no bounds. Only hours after being handed a nearly unprecedented rebuke in yesterday's congressional elections Obama suggested he would force changes to the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy during the lame duck session of Congress:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday renewed his call for repealing a ban on gays serving openly in the U.S. military, voicing hope that action could be taken before a new Congress is sworn in.

Obama said legal wrangling in the courts over the issue had created confusion for the armed forces.

"We need to provide certainty. And it's time for us to move this policy forward," Obama told a news conference.

Speaking a day after his fellow Democrats suffered a major defeat in legislative elections, Obama suggested the law could be changed in the current Congress before a newly-elected Republican majority takes over the House of Representatives in January.

With the Pentagon about to complete a review looking at the effect of lifting the ban, Obama said there was still time to repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law in the final weeks of the current Congress.

"There's going to be a review that comes out at the beginning of the month that will have surveyed attitudes and opinions within the armed forces," he said.

"I will look at it very carefully. But that will give us time to act in -- potentially during the lame-duck session to change this policy."

American voters have clearly signalled they want a change from the Democrats' extreme left wing agenda. Now instead of being humbled, it seems the President will deliberately push through as much wrong headed legislation as he can before he faces a new congress that will hold him accountable. Too bad it's still another 2 years before Americans can finally turf this radically arrogant disgrace of a president out.


Dan said...

DADT was not an election issue goofball. And Americans favour repeal of DADT according to the polls. So enough with the righteous indigation and get a life.

Misanthropic Scott said...

Just to be clear ...

A) Aren't you Canadian? So, why do you care? Is your religion again making you want to take control over the lives of others even regarding issues that don't concern you?

B) Americans voted to throw out a whole bunch of incumbents, repugnicans and democraps alike. Democraps were in the majority, so more got thrown out. Americans just want jobs and an end to the recession.

C) Are you also saying that you feel it is just fine for a homosexual to die defending MY country, not yours, but not to be open about his/her sexuality while doing so?

I could understand, but strongly disagree with, a view that homosexuals should not serve. That would be repugnant but consistent. However, to ask them do die (for me not you) but not be themselves??!!? You must be joking, right?

I don't know anyone, even practicing Catholics and fundamentalists, who likes DADT.

And, even if the majority felt this was the way to go, democracy is not just about the majority steamrolling over minorities. Democracy includes protection of the rights of minorities.

Lastly, as a Christian, love thy neighbor. Is this how you show love? Yes, I love you. Just don't tell anyone who you really are because who you really are is an abomination to God. So, love you, yes, but stay in the closet.

Does that about sum it up?

How did I find your blog again? (Oh yeah, you linked to my blog and wordpress lets me see that.) Don't you wish now that you never did?

Misanthropic Scott said...

Here's a better interpretation of America's statement at the polls this year.

I just saw this well-written piece and decided it applied to this discussion, even though I'm starting to feel as if I'm having a very one-sided discussion.

Sorry about that.

There are many posts on your site with which I strongly disagree but will probably not reply to since it's a bit rude to overwhelm one's host so badly.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Anon, Don't know how you can say it wasn't an election issue. It was talked about during the campaign, and I'm sure it was part of the thought process of some voters.

Scott, Yeah sorry about the consistently tardy responses. I'm doing my best to keep up.

Scott and Anon, The post wasn't so much about the DADT as the president's deliberate intransience in the face of a stinging rebuke from the voters.

Scott, I care about American politics because you're president is essentially the leader of the free world. Decisions your leaders make have ripple effects far beyond your country.

Misanthropic Scott said...


Ripple effects to your country and many others even more distant are certainly an issue. Our economic choices make a huge difference to the world and especially our largest trading partner to our north. Our warmongering certainly affects other countries.

But, DADT is not such an issue. This one really does not cross borders at all. When our soldiers are all in uniform, do you really think the guy on the wrong end of the Apache helicopter cares whether the pilot is gay or lesbian, let alone whether they are allowed to say so?

And, what of the moral issue of allowing someone to lay down their life for this country without respecting who they are? Doesn't that strike you as amazingly hypocritical? It does me.