Sunday, September 12, 2010

Safety First

So called 'equality' crusaders set off alarm bells Thursday as they tried to spin a court decision that ruled that Canadian Blood Services has the right to refuse to accept blood from homosexual men. How inconvenient that on the same day another study confirmed that homosexual men have the highest risk by far of contracting HIV:

Transmission of the AIDS virus seems to be "out of control" among gay men in France despite an overall fall in the number of new HIV cases in the country, according to a study published on Thursday.

Scientists from the French National Institute for Public Health Surveillance found that nearly half of the 7,000 people newly infected with HIV in the country in 2008 were gay men, and the incidence among homosexual men is 200 times higher than in the heterosexual population.

The health data is similar in Canada as the National Post's Mark Gurney notes:
Over half of the new cases [of HIV/AIDS] reported in Canada each year are a result of sexual acts between male partners. That’s triple the rate from intravenous drug use. HIV/AIDS is not, as it was originally claimed by many, a gay disease, but it remains a disease that hits the gay community with disproportionate lethality.
That activists are seeking to put their bizarre agenda ahead of the health of Canadians is unconscionable. Canadian Blood Services CEO, Dr. Graham Sher, and the judge who made the ruling were absolutely correct in their analysis. Sher said:

"Firstly, blood donation is not a right. There is no law or obligation that requires Canadians to be blood donors and Canadian Blood Services is under no obligation to receive a donation. Blood donation is a gift; it's not a right."

Secondly, Sher said, the court decided that his agency's policy to not accept blood donations from men who have sex with men does not distinguish on the basis of sexual orientation, but rather, is based on health and safety issues -- in particular, the much higher prevalence of HIV and other diseases in the men-who-have-sex-with-men population.

Thank goodness for some sanity. No amount of screening can make erase the fact that accepting blood from practicing homosexual men is exceptionally risky. The health of Canadians must always be put ahead of the ludicrous demands of these homosexual activists.


Anonymous said...

The two well known gay conservative blogs in the Blogging Tories group were noticibly silent on this issue --- Go figure.

kursk said...

Why should it matter?

Does their sexuality define their politics?

I am sure they have their own private opinion on the matter, the same as you or I...

Anonymous said...

kursk. their behaviour puts others at risk.

Anonymous said...

After 25 year with the same Big Bank and all those 10 hour days plus 4 years without a day off, I'm now booted out the door because I refused to drink the HIV/Shriah/QuAIA/pedophilia Kool Ade to keep the peace.

My Employer supports all the Trendy PC Liberal Thought-Control norms for Canada and T.O. , but I refused to endorse the Murdering of Gays in Gaza,I would not-NOR morally/finacially endorse some evenet that enbale Child-abuse and a form of quasi-pedophilia.
The OHRC with Barbara hall made a choice to side with the Bank and mete out Rights for the Bank to fund Legal Events even if people outside of canada suffer or get killed.

The gutless OHRC bowed to the Pro-Child abuse/pedophilia Law Firm that accused me of violating the Banks Rights and wasting Their time and money for a Employment-Law isssue,not a Human Rights issue.
I failed to meet the term to be employed,and the terms included endorsing child abuse and gay-stoning in Gaza.
Company literature avoids the truth about AIDS and who is at high risk,it avoids who was behind 9/11 where 24 Canadians were murdered,they avoid who blew-up the Air-India 747 to slaughter 240 canadians,they won't Condemn Cuba or Saudi Arabia.

I will not be a whore for the Bank ,I'll die befor I condone Pedophilia and child abuse in general,and shame on the same Bank the boasts about the "Children's" causes they fund as a "Family" Bank.
Ya...the Manson ,and Gacey Families.

Anonymous said...

Politics shouldn't trump the general health of the populace but gays would want that to happen. (real conservative)

Patrick O'Neil said...

@ Real Conservative. You hit the nail on the head.

@ Kursk - I think the point of the first commenter was that certain canadian blogs make a point about being both conservative and gay. I too would be interested to know what their thoughts were on the issue. At teh same time their silence is totally legitimate.