Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can't Contain Excitement over Contained Well

The news was all over the radio on the drive home from work. I kept on switching stations to get another take on the news that BP has finally contained the oil that was gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico. I really hadn't been following the story aside from the headlines over various failed attempts and the tragic delays in clean up efforts because of government inaction. Still today I can't contain my excitement over the contained well. There's finally hope that the clean up efforts will be a winning battle. I'm praying it works!

Just in case you missed it. Here's the Guardian's take on it:

for the first time in 87 days, it appeared last night that BP had control over the well.
The company said it would have to monitor the cap holding back the oil in a series of pressure tests every six hours for the next 48 hours, before it could be certain the well would hold.

It also cautioned that the final solution remained a relief well, still some weeks away.

"I am very excited that there's no oil in the Gulf of Mexico," Kent Wells, a senior vice-president for BP, said in a conference call. "But we just started the test and I don't want to create a false sense of excitement."

Doug Suttles, BP's chief operating officer, said engineers would be checking carefully to make sure no oil was escaping from the well from previously undiscovered leaks.


Anonymous said...

My firends, that well hole goes down about 24'000 feet belwo sea level and the prssure is calculated to be close to 100'000 psi's . The layers of gas/oil/methane and mud are now mixed and there is a crack in the Gulf bed thats oozing oil that Bp won't talk about. GPS reports have a huge 20 miles rise in the Gulf floor around the well head that is almso a 15 foot rise. The scientists estimate a toxic gas bubble that once purged upwards will make the gulf floor drop down and create a tsunami to head for Florida to wipe out most beach front property. If the oil makes it past the panhandle it will join the gulfstream currents to go north and then to Europe and make a ring around the world as part of the water currents.
Nobody dared to drill that low other than the Russian that got lucky with a Nuclear bomb to seal the leak off,but they got lucky as I said and this is under 5000 feet of water pressure and then 20'000 feet of stratas.
Back in may i hear experts say this crisis will need until late August to even try to seal it off because the pressure will merely shift to the walls of the pipe and burst it to leak everything up the 20'000 foot hole.
The hydralics alone will dictate that any explosion will seek the upward thrust as seen bythe Sub depth charges that relied on exploding under the sub since the water won't compress down but will ris up as the air above allow it to expand.
I'm enjoying the summer and the Global warming myth is now a moot point if the MehtaneHydrate gets out or ignites at sea level to kill millions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous reads the onion as if it were gospel.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Wow. I've gotta say thanks to the first commenter. I can't say I follow your line of reasoning, but I think it would make for a good science fiction action movie.