Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's the Extremist?

The federal Liberals have spent the last several months trying to slander our Prime Minister by making him look like an pro-life extremist as he works to focus government aid on improving impoverished women's access to health care without directly promoting abortion. Harper has finally spoken on the matter:

“Canadians want to see their foreign aid money used for things that will help save the lives of women and children in ways that unite the Canadian people rather than divide them,” Harper told the House of Commons in Ottawa Tuesday.

“We understand that other governments, that other taxpayers, may do something
different,” Harper said. “We want to make sure our funds are used to save the lives of women and children and are used on the many, many things that are available to us that frankly do not divide the Canadian population.”

That sounds pretty darn reasonable. It sounds all the more reasonable given the way left wingers continue to push the envelope and find new ways to offend mainstream Ontarians. Last week's controversies on explicit sex education for grade 3 students, and shopping in Toronto on Christmas Day, demonstrate that it's the left wingers who are intent on constantly pushing the envelope as they race toward evermore extreme positions not our conservative Prime Minister.


hunter said...

Totally agree! It was Iggy that started the whole abortion issue, and the Liberals defeated their own motion on it, and somehow it's all PM Harper's fault? Liberal's cultural war.

Anonymous said...

I'm just about ready for a culture war. Medical science is on the pro-life side. Morality is on the pro-life side. Reason is on the pro-life side. Now the only task is to change the fallacious argument of a "woman's right to choose" into an argument of whether abortion is murder. Pro-choiceism, if carried to its logical conclusion, means pro-moral anarchy: there are no ethical constraints except the choice of the individual. That is the core philosophical argument about abortion and it is a shame that Canadian political culture is too immature to discuss it on the basis of reason rather than vague and manipulative phrases such as "a woman's right to choose".

Anonymous said...

A culture war would definitely give some interesting photo-ops.

Harper kissing babies...Iggy in his rubber gloves taking out the trash.

CanadianSense said...

that is a rhetorical question right?

I see the Pope agreed to take photos with PM Harper and family.

I don't see democrats in US (Nancy Pelosi) or Liberals in Canada with any.

Maternal health, like Afghan has been attacked by opposition.
Omar Khadr meme is getting replayed on MSM to distort the file.