Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not the Time for All Day Kindergarten

Moira MacDonald is spot on with her commentary in the Toronto Sun noting that:

The decision by the McGuinty Liberal government to not only plunge ahead with all-day kindergarten, but add $500 million to its previous $1-billion cost by opting for a full-day, rather than half-day kindergarten teacher (score another one for the teachers' unions), represents a gamble in the face of a $25-billion deficit for this year.

Whether the government wins its bet or not, those same kindergartners will be among those saddled with the bill, however slickly Premier Dalton McGuinty side-stepped questions yesterday about how to pay for it.

It is a huge gamble indeed. Setting aside the merits of whether full time schooling is really the right thing for kindergarten students, this decision is really a massive expansion of government at a time when we can ill afford the increase. Cutting $25 billion annually in spending or raising taxes on an ever-shrinking provincial economy is going to be painful enough adding a new and questionable cost now is simply wrong headed.


Anonymous said...

Correct. In history in most of the developed world, major policy decisions of this sort don't happen in hard times. But Dalton doesn't care does he? (real conservative)

C-Mom said...

Dalton knows that he will not be able to go into the next election with the deficit as is, he is consolidating his union votes by growing and expanding the powers and membership of one of the strongest unions in the world. He is manufacturing votes for his corrupt government at our expense.