Friday, September 04, 2009

Inspirational Radio Ads

Yesterday was kind of a crummy day. I got the feeling a lot of people thought I was a jerk, and started to think they might be right. Long stories. Anyway on the drive home I heard three different radio advertisements that bear repeating. I'll have to paraphrase unfortunately.

The first one was on CKWR from a local insurance agent simply said 'feeling stressed and unsure how to act? try reading from Bible daily' and then there was a quote from the book of Proverbs that seemed to be just what I needed.

The next ad came shortly later after I had switched to Q107. It was from the Heart and Stroke Foundation and gave a detailed description of a heart surgery operation. It ended with something like, "what's so exciting about this operation? The patient hasn't been born yet, the operation is taking place inside the baby's mother. Research from the Heart and Stroke Foundation helps save babies before they are born." Awesome I thought, very pro life and very inspirational.

Later in the drive I think I was listening to Classical 96.3, there was a Ronald McDonald House commercial. It went something like this: "Look at your finger, now look at your whole hand. You're whole hand is 40 times stronger than the individual strength of all of your fingers and your thumb added together. Families are the same way. Help Ronald McDonald House keep families with sick children together." Again I thought this is wonderful; when would I hear such a pro-family message on a major radio station? More frequently it seems.


Rod said...

Hello, Patrick -

One never knows who one will bump into surfing the web. The title of your piece today caught my attention (I'm a radio guy), so I clicked the link and found your blog. A few of our Canadian radio station clients have a decidedly Christian worldview - and for that, stand out in stark relief, some might say. Anyhow, reading about you having a crummy day, I thought you might enjoy this:

Nice to make your acquaintance!


Patrick O'Neil said...

Thanks. Likewise. Good post.

jingles said...

post is good, can i use this post a reference if you have not any issue with sharing.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Jingles. Sure I'd be honoured.