Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let the Americans Keep Him

Omar Khadr is from the family of Osama bin Laden's biggest Canadian sympathisers. He travelled to Afghanistan to support their cause, and the Americans believe he killed one of their soldiers, Christopher Speer. Now that a video of his interrogation has been released, his lawyers want Canadians to pressure our government to bring him back to Canada and rescue him from the consequences of his actions.

I vote no. Much has been made of clips where Khadr breaksdown and crys for his mom, but more should be made of his many admissions. Such as this exchange reported by the Globe and Mail,

"How did that American end up getting so dead then? … You were there. You participated in this action," a Canadian interrogator said.

"What could I do?" Mr. Khadr replied. "What other choice did I have?"

CSIS agents believe he delivered well rehearsed testimony. Khadr's lawyers have been trying to manipulate the Canadian government ever since his arrest, when the interrogation started he said to the Canadians, "Finally, I've been requesting the Canadian government for a long time."

I don't blame Khadr for breaking down in tears when he realized that the Canadians were trying to find out the truth rather than bring him a get out of jail free card. But those tears do not make him innocent, if he killed an American service man and trained with terrorists he should face the consequences.

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