Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've got some reading to do . . .

A friend of mind sent me a link to a new online magazine, I'm lovin' it. (great now I'm hungry) The online journal aims to contribute to the national arena of ideas by promoting principles of: Democratic governance, Individual freedom, Free markets, Environmental stewardship, and Peace and security. Best of all, the editorial board is stacked with Western Alumni, including 2 of my classmates.

The most recent edition focuses on faith and politics. The best article I've read so far was by Kyle Jantzen, who provides some historical background on the relationship between church and state in the Western World and in Canada. It's a concise, well written article that helps put some of the frustrations of Christians and the suspicions of skeptics into perspective. Give it a look. I'm sure I'll be killing some time on that website in the near future.

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