Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fighting Dirty

John Tory's thugs have targetted another Conservative volunteer. Here they're trying to smear the reputation of Dr. Rueben Devlin. I met Dr. Devlin a few times when I was more involved in politics, and I went to University with his daughter. From my limited contact with him, I found him to be a wise, caring, and honorable man. BUT this is not about Dr. Devlin. Dr. Devlin is not running for office, John Tory is working to keep his post. Right now, John Tory's only job is to prove to the party membership that he deserves a second chance. The first thing he should do is rise above this shameful smear and condemn its authors.

Right now, I'm just thankful that I'm (mostly) irrelevant to this proces. Otherwise, I'd be concerned what Tory's thugs might dig up about me.


H/T Adam Daifallah

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Anonymous said...

YOU are irrelevant as are you thoughts. Go away!!!!