Saturday, November 03, 2007

Congratulations Ontario!

I've been on vacation in Africa for several weeks, so I only saw the results of Ontario's referendum on changing the system of government. The results were decisive. More than 63% of voters voted to keep the current system of government. In fact there were only 5 out of 107 ridings (districts) in the province that voted to change the system.

The bar was set quite high, so that it was unlikely that the system of government was going to change. However, I'll admit I was fearful that the result would be close and we'd have to listen to academics tell us what a foolish system of government we have until we were forced to accept a less democratic system. Happily, I was wrong, Ontario voted solidly for the current system of government and there's no need to discuss it further.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brother,
Shouldn't Ontarians also be congratulated for rejecting John Tory!
Hope you are well.

Patrick O'Neil said...

Naresh, You've got that right! Congrats again Ontario!