Thursday, July 05, 2007


Stephan Dion and Jack Layton are shameless in their attempt to capitalize on the death of six Canadian soldiers. I sincerely hope that they tone down their rhetoric and take the advice of the soldiers' officers:

Senior commanders at CFB Edmonton have called for quiet reflection on the recent deaths of six Canadian soldiers, rather than political debate on the mission. Four of the slain men were based in Edmonton.

"I would encourage all of you that at this point in time, that the focus must be on repatriating these valiant soldiers and ensuring their families hear a clarion call of love and support from Canada," said Col. Jon Vance.

"The families are well aware that there is debate on this mission. Nonetheless, at this particular point in time, the most sensitive and, I think, mature approach, would be to show them ... love and support. These soldiers died in a mission that they believed in, and saw progress occurring."

Brave men and women are fighting to keep Afghanistan free, and by extension to keep the world free. Shame on anyone who would use their death as an opportunity to score political points. Make your arguments - you're entitled to your opinion, but show some common decency.

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